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Need high quality printed circuit boards fast? Amitron can handle all of your prototypes, pre-production, and emergency requirements.

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Welcome to Amitron Corporation!

  • Single Sided, Double Sided, Multilayer
  • 24 hour to 5 day, One week to Two week Delivery
  • Low, Medium & High Volume Manufacturing!
  • Automation, Technology & Proactive Service
  • QS 9000
  • MIL-55110 Certified

Amitron Corporation stands ready to meet all of your requirements with a quick and accurate response!

Our two manufacturing facilities total over 280,000 square feet!

Looking to reduce cost? Find out how many companies save on PCB acquisition costs while keeping their production in the United States! Amitron Corporation's rapid growth is fueled by these opportunities. Why deal with time differences, language barriers and shipping complications if you don't have to? Give our professional service staff a call or request a quote online, and find why so many are turning to Amitron Corporation for their printed circuit board needs!

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