Amitron Technology Center

Amitron Technology Center has become the choice of over three-hundred customers for high quality printed circuit boards. To achieve this, we have invested heavily in some of the most advanced technology in the world today.

Advanced Technology

Our drills are Pluritec Gemini and Mega series, renowned to be the best in the world. Both use laser detection to verify drill bit diameter and tool length, while providing excellent dynamic run out diagnostics.

Plating in the high mix environment is being enhanced by the acquisition of "eductor" automated plating lines. Cycle times are reduced and copper distribution is consistent from panel to panel, part to part.

Photo plots are generated in-house with a Gerber Crescent 30 Photo Plotter. Automated optical inspection equipment is used for artwork and inner-layer verification. Vista X-Ray is used to accurately align inner layers with drilling, yielding, uncompromised multi-layer panels.

Commitment To Quality

Our facility is ISO 9002 registered and we have recently completed QS9000 certification.

Statistical process control is utilized throughout production to assure compliance to defined process guidelines.

Our on-site laboratory performs over three-hundred tests daily to further assure that we prevent defects rather than just detect them.

We spare no expense to provide you with the defect-free product you require.

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